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Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise Conference 2017: Day Two Recap

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John Gossman on Microsoft’s Serverless Platform, Azure Functions and Logic Apps

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Announcing a Unified .NET Documentation Experience

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Visual Studio 2017 Officially Released

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New DevOps Tools Aid Visual Studio 2017 Deployments

0 107

Microsoft Releases Managed Disks, Scale Sets

0 110 Postmortem Digs into Root Causes of 18 Hour Outage

0 129

Setting up a DevOps Pipeline for an IoT Application

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Fatigue, Spam, and Lack of Backups Take down

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Google Expands Audit Logging Capability to Majority of Cloud Services

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Amazon's Managed Container Service Adds Support for Docker on Windows

0 144

Compiling on Windows without Visual Studio

0 158

Oracle Cloud: The Future Beyond the Headlines

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Codename One Adds Support for Java Apps to Target the Universal Windows Platform

0 256

Microsoft Announces Better Integration of Docker and Azure at DockerCon 2016

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FaaS, PaaS, and the Benefits of the Serverless Architecture

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Exploring Performance Counters with F# WMI Type Provider

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A Easier Way to Repair the .NET Framework

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Q&A on Continuous Delivery with Windows and .Net

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