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.NET Futures: Asynchronous Streams

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Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise Conference 2017: Day Two Recap

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Microsoft Updates Azure IoT Platform: Adds Connectivity, Time Series Insights and Edge Analytics

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John Gossman on Microsoft’s Serverless Platform, Azure Functions and Logic Apps

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Announcing a Unified .NET Documentation Experience

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Azure Service Fabric SDK Becomes Open Source

0 56

Microsoft Releases Azure Functions Proxies Public Preview

0 52

Microsoft adds Cross-Platform Support for Azure Relay Hybrid Connections

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Developing for the Microsoft Surface Hub

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Building the Hyperconnected Future on Blockchains Paper Released at World Government Summit

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Microsoft adds Team and LUIS Support for Flow

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Google Pursues Enterprise, Targets Windows and SQL Server Workloads

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Improving Azure SQL Database Performance using In-Memory Technologies

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Testimonial on Using F# by Microsoft's Project Springfield Team

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Microsoft Launches Cloud Bot-as-a-Service Platform

0 139

Microsoft Flow Reaches General Availability

0 160

Microsoft PowerApps Reaches General Availability

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Azure Relay Freed from WCF Shackles, Goes Cross-platform

0 145

Microsoft Announces Azure DNS General Availability

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Azure Functions Support added to Azure IoT Gateway SDK

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